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Title: Notebook volume 38: Already been in a lake of fire

Attributed date: 1991

Attributed to: Dr. Fadl Fakhouri

This document is attributed to Dr. Fadl Fakhouri, one of Lebanon's leading historians.  The historian donated 226 notebooks, 2 shorts films, and 24 black and white photographs to The Atlas Group in the early 1990s.

This notebook contains 145 cut-out photographs of cars. They correspond to the exact make, model and colour of every car that was used as a car bomb between 1975 and 1991.


Each of the following notebook pages includes a cut-out photograph of a car that matches the make, model and colour of a car that was used as a car bomb, as well as text written in Arabic that details the place, time and date of the explosion, the number of casualties, the perimeter of destruction, the exploded car’s engine and axle numbers, and the weight and type of the explosives used.

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