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Title: The bleeding heart cookbook

Attributed date: 2004

Attributed to: Chef Ramza

Chef Ramza, Lebanon’s most beloved chef and cookbook author, was also known as an avowed pacifist. For over 17 years during the wars, she traveled all over the country and hosted lavish dinners for the fighting militias. Her ambition was not only to introduce the warring factions to the Lebanese dishes that united them, but also to reset their brains by “flavoring” her dishes with various hallucinogens. Her dinners failed to reset anyone. Still, they resulted in mind-bending experiences whose lasting effects have only recently surfaced in the published mea-culpa memoirs of former fighters. 

Chef Ramza documented her trippy dishes in an amended copy of her famous cookbook The Bleeding-Heart Stomach Cookbook. The copy was donated to The Atlas Group in 2004.

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