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Title: Comrade leader, comrade leader, how nice to see you

Attributed date: 2003

Attributed to: Anonymous

These documents were donated anonymously to The Atlas Group.  The donation was accompanied by the following statement:

As a teenager growing up in Beirut my favorite pastry shop was Noura. I adored their mango tartes, but just could not afford them. So, I hatched a plan. What if I offered my budding photographic skills to the owner, in exchange for tartes?


My plan worked, and I got the job, and worked day and night, picturing all the cakes and tartes I fancied. That is until the day that I came to photograph a bunny-shaped birthday cake for Amine. All of a sudden, it dawned on me that Amine may be the divisive President of Lebanon, Amine Gemayel. This President was renowned for his bunny-fetish, and sweet-tooth. I immediately thought of poisoning the cake, but just could not go through with it. My cowardice got me fantasizing about all the warlords’ birthday cakes I could bake and poison. I ended up baking, poisoning, and photographing 12 cakes but failed to send the cakes to their recipients. Maybe you can be less cowardly? And deliver my cakes for me?

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